Siegal & Richardson can right the wrongs brought on by medical malpractice.

Thousands of people are killed, injured or disfigured each year as a result of medical malpractice. Medical malpractice can stem from something as trivial as a medical professional misrepresenting his or her credentials; yet it can have far-reaching and serious consequences. We’ve all heard stories of doctors operating on the wrong part of patients’ bodies. Thankfully, these kinds of cases are extremely rare. 

But what about prescribing a drug a patient is allergic to? Or failing to diagnose a condition that could be treated and make a huge difference in a patient’s quality of life if caught early? Doctors these days are under a tremendous amount of pressure, which can result in less time being spent on each patient. Frankly, some doctors today just can’t work effectively under this kind of pressure.

Unfortunately, therapist abuse is also a problem these days. Therapists practice under clear ethical guidelines and are bound by California law, which provides — in no uncertain terms — that therapists may not have sexual contact with their patients.

The statute of limitations on medical malpractice cases is relatively short. If you’ve been a victim of medical malpractice or therapist abuse, please call me today so we can get started working toward a just solution to your situation.