Molestation / Clergy Abuse

The psychological consequences of sexual abuse can last for years. Victims of sexual abuse often keep their experiences to themselves, which only increases their torment. If you’ve been the victim of sexual abuse — or if you suspect that you have been but are not completely sure — you need to talk to someone you can trust. Of course, trust is likely in short supply after going through something so frightening, and perhaps, confusing.

Talking it over with the right person can ease the process of recovery. Calling a personal injury lawyer might not be your first thought, but we can make a difference. Nothing will change what happened, but financial compensation can help you pay for the counseling you need, and there’s a lot to be said for bringing the abuser — whether a family member, a stranger, or a member of the clergy — to justice. When you’re ready, I hope you’ll call me and give me the opportunity to help you heal.