Our elder relatives need to be revered, not mistreated. Siegal & Richardson will ensure your family gets justice.

Perhaps one of the most difficult decisions that we will ever be confronted with, is how do we help care for an aging or sick parent or relative. In our society, sometimes our elders including parents become residents of elder care living facilities. Some of these facilities, sometimes known as “Nursing Homes”; “Boarding Homes”; “Long Term Care homes” and other names, are really fine places.

Some of the facilities however, due to budget cutting, and other financial considerations, cut corners and adversely affect the level of care for our seniors. Sometimes there may even be issues of physical abuse as well as neglect. If you suspect that there is ongoing physical abuse at a facility, you may want to immediately contact the police. If your loved one has been hurt, injured, or died as a result of neglect at a facility, please call me to discuss the matter. Another issue that sadly sometimes affects our elders is financial rip-offs. Brokers, Stock Brokers; Financial Advisors; Accountants or other fiduciaries have a legal obligation to protect elders. If they violate that obligation, I can help obtain compensation. I look forward to your call.