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Mediation Expertise

We have served as a neutral mediator for a wide variety of clients, such as attorneys, therapists, employers, unions and workers.  Mediation usually revolves around participants who need to have a continuing and ongoing relationship, such as:

  • • Divorcing spouses with children
  • • Siblings, parents and relatives with estate issues
  • • Workers, unions, and their employers
  • • Businesses and business partners
  • • Landlords and their tenants; neighbors

How is mediation different from litigation?

In litigation, each party hires an attorney to zealously fight, argue and spar on his or her behalf. Litigation is adversarial, tough, bruising, public, and expensive. The process to get to trial is lengthy. It can be expensive, and often the parties to the litigation are not able to retain a relationship with each other following the initiation of the litigation.

However, mediation offers a more efficient solution. A mediator can help the parties resolve the dispute efficiently and cost-effectively, with each person feeling validated and respected, because the issues that were most important to them were honored and resolved.

In the case of divorce mediation, even if the marriage is coming apart, it is not in either party’s interest to have the family come apart.  In the case of worker mediation, a union-employer grievance can be beneficial to work out to avoid costly arbitrations, strikes or further broad reaching repercussions.  Landlord mediations help landlords avoid irate tenants from destroying property as well as helps tenants resolve issues without facing the cost and stigma of eviction.

Why mediation?

Often, parties choose mediation for the following reasons:

Low cost: Mediations is usually less costly than litigation.

Control Retention: You, not the court, are in control of the result.

Speed: In general, mediation is faster than litigation and you can set the pace yourself instead of having one imposed by the courts.

Protect your privacy and dignity: Negotiations are done in private and not in open court, therefore no court papers will be filed for public viewing.

Schedule: Book the process to work with your schedule and not depend on the court’s calendar.

Better for the children: By cutting cost and reducing the conflict through a speedy process, the children's best interests are served.

This is your process:

The goal in mediation is to let the participants in the mediation be actively involved in the process of how the dispute works itself out.  The goal in the mediation process is to create an environment where all parties feel that they have the platform to communicate their issues, with a non-judgmental, neutral and unbiased mediator.

We will customize your mediation according to your needs:

  • • Parties are welcome to bring proposals.
  • • The mediation can take place in a joint session or in separate rooms.
  • • You can choose to have the mediation by yourself, or with representation/support, i.e. lawyer, advisor, guest(s).
  • • As a mediator, all information is confidential.
  • • No two mediations are alike. By understanding the parties’ needs, appropriate expectations and reasonable goals will be set.

The golden rule in our mediation process is that we are all respectful and that our goal is to work diligently towards a resolution.

What do I bring to the mediation table?

Experience: My thirty plus years of litigation experience has given me the ability to navigate through both simple and complex mediation cases..

Personal Qualities: As a father of two young daughters, I understand that sometimes helping to frame issues is half the battle in resolving disputes.

Creativity: I am driven to find creative solutions, sometimes requiring out-of-the-box problem solving so that we can offer alternative solutions to help parties reach resolutions.

Family Law Mediation

Divorce, domestic partnerships, property and asset division, spousal support, child support and child custody are all vital issues that can be dealt using mediationas an alternative to litigation.

In acting as a neutral party, we do not act as a family or divorce lawyer. Our role in the divorce mediation is to work with the parties on helping to disentangle their lives in the most cost-effective manner. We will seek effective resolutions to some of the important issues that occur in divorce – custody, visitation, support, finance, pensions, home ownership, and relocations.

We are sensitive to the issues of all types of families. We welcome people from every economic, ethnic and racial background, and are sensitive to the needs of the LGBT community.

Workplace Mediation

Today, when workers feel that their rights are violated, they quit and/or litigate. Our workers mediation expertise resolves issues that arise in the workplace.

Some employment situations have created a mechanism to attempt to informally resolve disputes. However, having litigated dozens of arbitrations over violations of work place rules, we understand how helpful and cost-effective workers mediation can be in resolving disputes. It saves everyone money, and sometimes relationships.

Mediation opens an effective line of communication between the parties and we are happy to discuss whether I would be an effective neutral party in your dispute.

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