Joel H. Siegal, of Siegal & Richardson, has spent his life fighting for justice as a personal injury lawyer.

Joel H. Siegal

“I have the experience, the knowledge, the chutzpa, the resources, and the desire, as a personal injury lawyer, to fight for justice on your behalf.”

I have spent my life in public service because I have a passion for helping people who may not have the resources to take on the powerful institutions of our society. Early inspiration came from my late father, David Siegal, who organized unions and guarantee meaningful representation for hotel and restaurant workers and textile and garment workers.  He fought to ensure the unions were free of control from organized criminals and mobsters.

My father understood that a meaningful quality of life was of the utmost importance. Today, in the pursuit of justice as a personal injury lawyer at Siegal & Richardson, I strive to ensure that no matter what trauma you or your family has experienced, your interests and your quality of life are my priority.

I have seen the impact that dedicated individuals can have in their pursuit of justice. I was fortunate to be part of a family dedicated to the Civil Rights Movement. In fact, our home and union headquarters, was host to prominent leaders such as Martin Luther King Jr., César Chavez, and Indira Gandhi. Their service to individuals and communities serve as a continuing source of inspiration as Siegal & Richardson endeavor to represent those who desire justice because of a serious personal injury, an employment or labor dispute, or an unresolved business matter. I will bring the same level of passion, drive, and dedication that those remarkable leaders did.

For about 35 year now, my hunger has allowed me to pursue justice in many significant cases as a personal injury lawyer. One of the first cases that I worked on was with noted Labor and Civil Rights Lawyer, Jerry Garchik; Liu v. Republic of China, a wrongful death case that went all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court. Early in my career I also represented several families whose children were sexually assaulted and abused at the Presidio Army Base Day Care Center. I was one of several plantiffs’ lawyers in the case, which involved sixty children.

My experience here allowed me to pursue justice against an army Colonel with ties to the Church of Satan. This experience also gave me the opportunity to work with some of the best lawyers in Northern California, such as Melvin Belli, who throughout his career, won over $600 million dollars for his clients.

Since then, I have successfully litigated many sexual assault cases in California. I have also effectively represented a young mother who was tragically killed in a vehicle accident caused by a tire service truck. My extensive career in serious personal injury, employment litigation, and business litigation has provided me with the experience needed to analyze your case and lay out a clear path to justice. As your personal injury lawyer, I will make sure that you fully understand your rights and the steps we will need to take to fight for justice.

Joel H. Siegal's education prepared him for the practice of law
Joel H. Siegal has been successful with cases related to personal injury, employment, and business litigation and settlements

More about me

I am married to Revital Siegal, an executive at a leading research university with offices in San Francisco and the Silicon Valley. Together we have two young daughters, Maya and Nava. Our youngest daughter is adopted from Guatemala.

I am a member of the Distinguished Justice Advocates, which seeks to help consumers find the top 1% of attorneys in America. They are committed to recognizing the highest standards of excellence in the legal community and ensure that those in need will be provided with quality legal service. As a personal injury lawyer, I have been recognized as providing quality care and top notch litigation to my clients.

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